Change Log - Archived - 2-5-14

Page archived as-is on 2/5/2014.

Here you can find all change information from the game, sorted by patch then date, newest at the top and oldest at the bottom. Each change also belongs to one of the following categories:

General, Programming, Environment, Menus, Resources, Controls, Samus, Enemies, Other.

Included at the bottom of each timeframe is the current filesize with the difference from the last timeframe.

This change log's format has been redone as of 11/3/13. You can find the archived change log here.

AI Demo v2.0

- Programming...
   - Rewrote some transition code.

- Environment...
   - Snow region officially named the Barria Tundra. Room names changed to reflect this.
   - New tile layer added for hidden area detailing.

- Resources...
   - Fixed more tileset seams.
   - Added certain weaponry being drawn above the light layer.

- Other...
- Removed all old rooms. Saved a ton of file space by doing this.
   - Removed old view boundaries. Now snaps directly to edges of room, rather than just outside of the room due to the old HUD covering the outsides.
   - New room specifically for screenshots.

Filesize: 3559 kB. Up by 1 kB.

- Programming...
   - Global initialization script fully rewritten and commented.
   - New scripts created for easy access.
   - Moved code and events of extra player objects directly into the player...
      - Feet.
      - Arm cannon and associated effects.
      - Missile tips.

- Resources...
   - Added the first few sprites for the Power Suit...
      - Feet.
      - Morph Ball.
      - Morphing.
   - New Missile and Super Missile tips that poke out the end of the arm cannon when selected and the player has ammo.

- Samus...
   - Revised weapon speeds for hyper and normal modes.
   - New death sequence placeholder is in. Functions, but lacks effects or a smooth transition system.

- Other...
   - Updated the screenshot feature to allow user input for the file name. New "Screenshots" folder in game directory to reflect this change.
   - Updated the "Readme" file.

Filesize: 3559 kB. Up by 1 kB.

- Programming...
   - Revised global weapon and secondary weapon variables.
   - Rewrote firing scripts for all weapons.
   - Added impact scripts for Super Missiles.
   - Updated item case and acquisition code.
   - Updated global suit variables to reflect the removal of the Phazon Suit.
   - Removed a lot of old, commented code since it exists in backups anyway.
   - Added a check for each item before it is obtained to make sure the previous item was obtained first (Mostly for debug, testing and demo purposes or for potential exploits).
   - Removed old suit transformation code and controls.

- Resources...
   - Removed what was left of old HUD code and objects.
   - Removed old suit transformation objects.

- Controls...
- Added mouse-scrolling through beams.

- Samus...
   - Officially added Rupture Beam. Functions much like the old Dark Beam, just with different graphics and slightly better efficiency and range.
   - Pulse Beam now has better range, projectile speed and accuracy.
   - Power Beam now has slightly better range and speed, but slightly less accuracy.
   - Fixed a sprite alignment issue with the Pulse Beam.
   - Super missiles now fire with repeated clicks, but there is a minimum delay of 20 frames (1/3 of a second) before another can be fired.
   - New particle effects at the arm cannon when beams are fired.

Filesize: 3558 kB. Down by 50 kB.

- Programming...
   - Massive re-write of controls handling.
   - Massive re-write of weapon handling including firing, switching, etc.
   - Old HUD controller removed.
   - Merged some objects and their code together that "latch" onto others, such as Samus' arm cannon. It used to be a separate object. Now it is drawn entirely from within the player.

Filesize: 3608 kB. Down by 10 kB.
- Resources...
- Beam charging objects merged together.

- Programming...
   - Removed more old and redundant view code that was used with the WIP cinematics engine and Homing Missile.

- Other...
   - Fully re-organized the entire game folder. Had to merge files and folders from 4 or 5 other locations.

Filesize: 3618 kB. No change.
- Resources...
      - Beam charging sprites.
      - Phazon spark sprites.
      - All flak images. Converted generator flak into this.
   - Removed...
      - All remaining Phazon Suit, Nova Beam, Dark Beam, Light Beam, Homing Missile, Diffusion Missile and Screw Bomb sprites.
      - All old HUD components.
      - All old menu components.
      - Player suit transformation effects.
      - Redundant Phazon spark effects for environmental Phazon.
      - Missile and generic gray flak.
   - Simplified, trimmed or scaled...
      - Mouse images.
      - Most explosion sprites with glow effects.
      - Shockwave.
      - Bomb explosion and added a fade.
      - Diffuser background explosion. Only one frame and uses rapid scaling.
      - Lighting circle.
      - Minor effects, such as blood spray, ice glitter, pickup effects and much more.
   - Updated...
      - Corruption Suit morphing effect. Much more detailed and less blurry.
      - Ice barrier melting animation. Specifically, the puddle it creates has been scaled down.

- Other...
   - Moved game location on hard drive(s). Now all in one place, backed up in 4 others.
      - Primarily on internal HD.
      - Backed up on internal SSD, external HD, a flash drive and DropBox.

Filesize: 3618 kB. Down by 411 kB.
- General...
The following items have been removed: Nova Beam, Dark Beam, Light Beam, Phazon Suit, Screw Bomb, Homing Missile and Diffusion Missile.
   - These items have been replaced with the following...
      - Rupture Beam: A Beam found between the Ice and Phazon Beams. It's specific effects have not been ironed out, but it will specialize in area-of-effect attacks and small, homing sub-projectiles like the Dark Beam did.
      - Sunder Mine: A place-able proximity mine that arms after a few seconds and deals damage to enemies when they get too close. It will explode and be consumed in the process, but leaves a negative effect (Debuff) on the target(s) that increases their damage taken for a few seconds. Again, the other details have not been ironed out (Capacity, effectiveness, sprites, etc.), but the concept and placeholders are in place.

- Programming...
- Purged old, unnecessary scripts.
   - Merged various redundant scripts into one, master script.
   - Re-organized fire and impact scripts for player beams and missiles.

- Environment...
   - All old rooms archived for reference only.
   - Brand new environments in development. All rooms are being recreated for better flow, accommodations for new environmental features and more.

Filesize: 4029 kB.