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Here, you can find numerous backgrounds and tilesets to be used in game development or for other purposes. Simply give credit, it is listed for every single image along with a description. All of the tilesets shown are edited by EchoJerichoX (echojerichox@gmail.com) and Veni Mortem (venimortem@gmail.com) helped with cleaning up various tile seams. Original tile works are specially marked. Tilesets are sorted by region. I will not describe the exact purpose of every individual tile, but I will say that the large dark squares at the bottom of some sets are used for filling in spots outside walls. Please send me an email if you have a question.

Watch the comments for updates!

Note - 11-24-2013: I will now try including the date of the most recent update on each tileset as I add them from DropBox.



Veni Mortem.

- Exterior -
Note: Used for almost all walls and overlapping installations.
Note: First set is for the "inner" walls, and the second set is for the "outer" set of walls and detailing.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX, Veni Mortem.

- Installation -
Note: Used for creating structures. These are detailed inner walls.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX, Veni Mortem.

- Secondary Installation -
Note: Used for creating structures. This is used around the outside of detailed installation walls to blend the structure with terrain better.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX, Veni Mortem.

- Ice Cave -
Note: Used for covered interiors that are not structures. Usually used alongside the ice floor tileset.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX, Veni Mortem.

- Ice Floor -
Note: Generally used for ice cave floors but also could be used for isolated, frozen water bodies.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Ice Edge -
Note: Used for blending floors into ice and ice caves.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX, Veni Mortem.


- Cave -
Note: Used for covered interiors that are not structures. Can be for any environment.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX, Veni Mortem.

- Shrubbery -
Note: Used for detailing walls. Mostly used in caves.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Shore -
Note: Used for the edges of any water body, frozen or not.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Dirt Edge -
Note: Used for transitioning floors onto dirt.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Ground Accents-
Note: Used for detailing environment floors.
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.


- Snow -
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Dirt -
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Sand -
- Credits: EchoJerichoX.

- Current Title -
Note: Actual in-game title has options such as "New Game", etc.
Note: Icy terrain at the bottom is scrolling parallax, but not included on this page.
- Credits: Veni Mortem.


2 #1 EchoJerichoX
on August 26 2013 02:41:31
Update: 8/25/2013...
- Gradually moving some of the resources to DropBox. This allows me to update each item as I go so that I don't have to rewrite the whole page.
- Updated TundraExterior tileset. Changes to connecting edges of 2x2 angle pieces.
2 #2 EchoJerichoX
on November 24 2013 22:58:47
Update: 11/24/2013...
- Updated TundraExterior and added its "outer" counterpart.
- Including dates on new/updated tilesets.
- Updated TundraInstallationSecondary.
- Updated title screen.

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