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EchoJerichoX April 04 2016 08:18:37
Absolutely! Send it on over to my email: echojerichox@gmail.com
sylux102 April 02 2016 03:47:48
Wow, nice to see some activity on this site. Sad news about the Metroid Database. Suppose I'll have to use an archival copy to access what I need. I'd like to send you a demo of my latest work Echo, if that's OK with you.
Compel-X March 13 2016 03:05:41
EchoJerichoX March 12 2016 21:00:21
Says the id does not exist. Add me instead: EchoJerichoX (currently showing as EchoJX).
EchoJerichoX March 12 2016 20:58:39
Of course! Adding you now.
Compel-X March 07 2016 23:55:46
Nice! Good stuff. Echo do you have Steam? If so add me as that's where I've been communicating steamid: patrickalexson
EchoJerichoX March 07 2016 07:29:02
New news post up!
EchoJerichoX February 12 2016 06:40:01
Depends on how many people continue to ditch me.
Cyberonyx February 08 2016 22:48:15
This project continues to survive, if barely. Are there plans to continue its development in the near future?
Compel-X August 21 2015 02:17:16
We stand guard! The temple will be protected.
EchoJerichoX August 14 2015 04:46:40
Wow... Things could make a turn for the better, here!
EchoJerichoX May 17 2015 04:02:16
Thanks Compel! Will check it out now, sylux.
Compel-X April 26 2015 23:44:19
Domain back up, sorry for downtime!
sylux102 March 27 2015 05:27:22
Its been so long that last I remember you were working on demo v2. Well, that's unfortunate news. If you're interested, you can check out my Zelda OoT HD Remake project on my forum www.zelda64.net. In your spare time away from Coven of course. I might surprise you with something. Hang in there Echo.
EchoJerichoX March 05 2015 05:30:49
Eh, won't yield you much satisfaction.
HunterGrey February 08 2015 17:19:03
It's been so long since I've visited here... must making add it to my daily pages to check
EchoJerichoX January 27 2015 03:28:13
welcome Smile
rudi January 22 2015 05:02:41
Hey people i know and those that i don't ... Wink Smile
EchoJerichoX October 26 2014 02:02:56
https://twitter.com/EchoJerichoX/status/ 526190840364822528
EchoJerichoX October 19 2014 03:39:27
Gonna try to stream a bunch of shit all night! Come join me: twitch.tv/echojerichox